NO GENDER by Sylvain Tremblay

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This project is for everyone who believes in an inclusive society, with a place for every individual: a society where gender is diverse, and every body is beautiful.

NO GENDER aims to raise the viewer’s awareness of the issue of gender assignment. A binary system is found in every society, in schools, sports competitions, official documents, laws, jobs, religious beliefs, public toilets, dressing rooms, toys, summer camps . . . the list goes on. Such a system is hurtful to those who are excluded. This project seeks to propose a new system, to avoid that pain.

We believe that people are the masters of their own bodies and that no one has the right to decide for anyone else – especially for a child. It’s up to individuals to determine their own sex, based on their sexual identity. We believe no significant decision should be made for anyone without the person’s informed consent – because sex assignment surgery is irreversible.

This installation presents the accounts of intersex people from different continents, who proclaim their right to exist and to choose their own sex.

What a wonder is the human body; a single egg fertilized by a microscopic sperm! Then, nine months later - comprised of billions of cells - it becomes a fully formed organism, a human being. From birth, this human being moves, eats, smiles, thinks, creates and has the capacity for complex emotions.

And what if this wondrous newborn human being is neither male nor female? Then it becomes marginalized and stigmatized even before it can draw its first breath, or make its first cry. This child will grow up discovering its difference, comparing itself to its peers. As an adolescent, it will hide. As an adult, it will search for its place in the world... It will remain unclassifiable and atypical. This is what is known as intersex .

But what if all that really mattered was welcoming a healthy child into the world, and loving it just the way it is? There's the key! What if we only ever identified the child as a human being - genderless - without the pink/blue, Barbie/Ken dichotomy? Wouldn't things be much simpler? Leaving it up to the child to choose what clothes it wants to wear, to play what sport it wants to play, and to pursue all the diverse passions that will shape the person the child will eventually become?

Even if we are still a long way from abolishing the traditional gender binary system, the fact remains that intersex people exist and they have to live every day with a gender that doesn't necessarily belong to them. The law insists that we declare our sex on our birth certificates. What a brutal dilemma it must be when neither available definition reflects who we are!

Very conscious of this problematic, the painter Sylvain Tremblay and his team have travelled the world in search of the ultimate goal for an artist : to not only create an original work, but to conceptualize it while being in the thrall of its subject. To be destabilized by feelings of discomfort and wonder at the same time.

Sylvain Tremblay's book seems to predict, through research and personal stories, the possibility of one day seeing the emergence of a genderless social system. The people encountered in the process of writing the book see this eventuality as being a legitimate right. They are expressing their desire to find their own identity within it.

Thus, we have gathered stories and articles in the hopes that the additional information on the subject - along with its expression in art with a capital A - will open the mind of each and every reader. Within these pages, you will meet our participants, be witness to the things they've lived, and glimpse the possibility of a better world for everyone inhabiting this planet. A planet that we can consider from hereon in as having No Gender.

Foreword by Sylvain Tremblay
Preface by Sofie Tremblay
Intersexuality taken from Wikipedia
Genesis of the project, No Gender by Mylène Tremblay and Sylvain Tremblay
Encounter of the third sex by Mylène Tremblay
Vincent by Vincent Guillot
Kathie Berthiaume by Mylène Tremblay
The Shore-Water One by Dr. Hélène I. Savard (AKA Cigosi)
Saïd, Hiker, Sunny and Nthabiseng by Sylvain Tremblay
The Swiss model by Mylène Tremblay
Love at first sight by Lyne Huot and Patrick Martinez
The art video by Sylvain Tremblay
Intersex in 10 dates by Mylène Tremblay